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This monogram and name set is the perfect way to lead your guests into your wedding or wedding reception, and may be the first time they see your new name/s as a married couple!  It matches with our luxury slate monogram coasters to really set the scene for your grand occasion.


When the big day is finished, it can take pride of place in your home on a shelf or hung on the wall... Where would you place yours?


The Monogram and Name Set is made of 2 layers of 6mm poplar plywood and measures approximately 34cm tall and 39 cm wide.


The wood can be painted in any colours you wish to match the theme of your wedding or left bare for a natural look.  We suggest that if you wish to paint the items, especially if the two layers are to be different colours, you order them unglued for ease of painting.  You can easily join them yourselves with pva or wood glue once the paint is dry.


If you are having a Welsh language wedding, you can of course join your names with 'a' instead of &.  Please note that the letter for the Monogram will be selected as the first letter of the surname.  If the surname is double-barrelled, the first letter of the first part of the surname will be selected unless you alert us otherwise.

Wedding Monogram with Names

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