Jennie and Mike Williams MooJoo Designs.

The MooJoo Journey


  Made with love in the MooJoo Cabin  

At MooJoo Designs we love to bring something new into the world (and we aren't just talking about our children).  Starting with a plain piece of material or product and creating something bespoke for a customer gives us such pleasure.


The two MooJoo directors, Michael and Jennie Williams have copious amounts of experience in design, ICT and education.  They are each teachers with over 17 years worth of experience.   They utilised laser cutting technology for years before deciding to share the products they have loved making with the world.

They are passionate about design and have worked tirelessly to establish a range of personalised and branded products for your home, business, and events and have developed a loyal community of customers that often ask for items not on the website.  These customers know what they want, and they know MooJoo Designs love to innovate and are able to make it for them.

MooJoo Designs are happy to work in any language.  They especially love the opportunity to work in Welsh, and are very proud of our placement in the Welsh Valleys and our range of Welsh language gifts.