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The Team

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Jennie Williams MooJoo Designs
Michael Williams:
Creative Director

Michael is a multi award winning teacher and has been creating laser cut products for 15 years. 


He is extremely passionate about product design and creating high quality designs that will be sent with love from their cabin to your home, business or event.

He has a reputation for being innovative and being able to create products exactly as the customer  has envisaged them (or even better).  .

The MooJoo Cabin

The MooJooCabin has had various incarnations over the years.  It has been a man den, an aromatherapy treatment room, a dumping ground, a home for a family of robins,  and finally it has found its happy place - creating beautiful products for you.  It is sometimes warm, sometimes outright freezing, but it is always an enchanting workshop where MooJoo Designs can make your products with love.

Jennie Williams:
Technical Director

Jennie has led creative projects for years, utilising the expressive arts and ICT.  She regularly leads presentations about how best to use ICT in the workplace. 

She is always creating new products and investigating new programmes and materials to create perfectly made products.


She loves designing items to have pride of place in your home and events and is incredibly proud of her Welsh heritage.

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