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This stunning wreath will make anyone's home look like the classiest abode on the street, with the personalised touch.  It can also help the postie find you to deliver all your shopping, cards and presents! 


With this wreath you can mark your festive home with 'Christmas at the...' and the name of your choosing.  Or Madhouse!  We don't judge!


It is made from two 6mm layers of poplar plywood with a diameter of 40cm.  It has mistletoe, holly, ivy and pinecones to create the display of wintery wonder.


The wreath is entirely beautiful as it is without being painted.  If, however, you choose to paint it yourself at home, it can come in two separate layers so that the crafty among you can paint each layer before glueing it together to hang.


We recommend using acrylic paint for outdoors, or coating the paint you use in an exterior varnish.  The two parts will glue together easily with a regular wood glue or pva.

Christmas at the...Wreath

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