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Here at MooJoo Designs, we love our Personalised Christmas Eve Box.  It is a substantial size, measuring approximately 30x30x14cm and is large enough for you to place your traditional Christmas Eve Gifts in - who doesn't love their new nightclothes?


We want to help your Christmas Eve run as smoothly as possible, while knowing your children are impatient for the big man to arrive, so you can buy your Personalised Christmas Eve Box in a choice of ways:


You can buy the box on its own, or with one of 2 different sized activity sets, to help get your excited children through the day, and to help get your busy selves through the day too!


Activity Pack

  • Stocking bunting, 5 pieces with ribbon
  • Desk christmas tree
  • 2020 bauble
  • 3 felt pens
  • 1 glitter glue


Ultimate Activity Pack

  • Stocking bunting, 9 pieces with ribbon
  • 2 desk christmas trees
  • 3 2020 baubles
  • Bonus pop-out reindeer
  • 6 felt pens
  • 2 glitter glues


All activity pack items are made of quality birch plywood and can be beautifully decorated with the included pens and glitter, as well as any other paints or pens you have in your home.


This could be the start of a new Christmas tradition in your home!


Colours of pens, glues and ribbon may vary.

These items are for decorative fun only - these are not toys.


Made with love in the MooJoo cabin.

Christmas Eve Box

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