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Wales has such a proud mining heritage, and these pit wheels are still seen all over the landscapes of the Welsh Valleys and beyond.  Many of us live near one of these collieries or had a family member that worked in one.


For all that the coal seams were certainly a mixed blessing, the mining history of Wales is still very much close to the hearts of those that have a link to the industry and there are a huge amount of mines to remember.


These Colliery Wheel Baubles are representative of the headstocks that were used to retreive coal from deeper in the ground.  They can be personalised with the name of any of the collieries, or with other text of your choice.  They are made of poplar plywood and measure approximately 10x11cm.


Information can be found about the Welsh Coalfields and other collieries in the uk on this amazing map and may help you to find the name of a particular mine and information about it.  

Colliery Wheel Bauble

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