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Dinosaurs are loved by so many.  I bet you or your little ones are able to say your favourite dinosaur (mine's the ankylosaurus) or come up with some wild and wonderful facts about the Jurrasic period.  This Paint Your Own Dinosaur Fairy Door is great to tap into that special area of interest and may well fit in with some of the toys already in your home!  Decorate with pens or paint and a little pva glue and your children will dive into a world of herbivore wonder.  There are a dino eggs, a skull, door sign,  wilderness plants, a raptor and some dinosaur bones.  There's also a secure window  to keep us safe from the carnivores and a door knocker with a special amber surprise...


This Dinosaur fairy door set is made from 3mm plywood and measures approximately 14x10cm. It allows you to select how you wish to arrange the different elements of the door, putting your unique style on your design. It is perfect for decorating with felt pens, paints, glue and whatever sticky fingers want to craft with.


They can be used for interior display as they are, or external display with a little clear varnish on top.  They come with three guide holes for easy attachment to hard surfaces.

Dinosaur Fairy Door Set

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