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This Welsh fairy door set is made from 3mm poplar plywood and measures approximately 13x10cm. It allows you to select how you wish to arrange the different elements of the door, putting your unique style on your design. It is perfect for decorating with felt pens, paints, glue and whatever sticky fingers want to craft with.


The fairy door will arrive compactly organised for you to push out the pieces as you are ready to decorate them.  This Wales set contains a map of Wales, a Welsh Dragon, three feathers, daffodils, a miner's lamp and a traditional Welsh lady as well as our regular pieces of door beams, archway, hinges, window and door handle.


They can be used for interior display as they are, or external display with a little exterior varnish on top.  They come with three guide holes for easy attachment to hard surfaces.

Fairy Door Welsh Set

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