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This large monogram is 20cm high, made from beautiful 6mm thick birch plywood.  The name is approximately 6cm high, but will be of varying length depending on the number of characters in the name.


The attractive name and initial can be displayed on the entrance to a child's bedroom, as wall art, or to decorate some shelves and adds the personal touch to a nursery.


The plywood holds paint easily, so you may wish to paint the name and monogram with a tester pot of wall paint, acrylic or left over paint from your current room decor.


Please state the name you wish for your design.  We will assume the first letter of the name is to be used for the large monogram unless stated otherwise.


The product will arrive glued together securely, however, if you wish the name and initial to arrive without being glued to aid in painting then please include that instruction in your request.


This design is made with love in the MooJoo Cabin.

Monogram with name

Would you like us to ship the product ready glued?
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