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We love this Paint Your Own Wedding Fairy Door Set.  It's perfect for a crafty bride or groom, but we also love it as an idea for the kids table at a wedding breakfast.  Provide the table with some pens or pencils (or paint if you're feeling brave with their gorgeous outfits) and a little pva glue and that difficult time to keep the children entertained will go by in a flash!


Choose your combination of brides/grooms and you're good to go!  


This wedding fairy door set is made from 3mm plywood and measures approximately 14x10cm. It allows you to select how you wish to arrange the different elements of the door, putting your unique style on your design. It is perfect for decorating with felt pens, paints, glue and whatever sticky fingers want to craft with.


They can be used for interior display as they are, or external display with a little clear varnish on top.  They come with three guide holes for easy attachment to hard surfaces.

Wedding Fairy Door Set

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