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Traditional Welsh gifts as expressions of love are Love Spoons, or Llwy Gariad in Welsh. The oldest known Welsh Love Spoon dates from 1667 and can be seen in St. Fagan's National History Museum, but if you want a new one then this beautiful Love Spoon is just the thing, with a Celtic design throughout. This is a perfect romantic gift for your loved one for Valentine's Day or St. Dwynwen's Day (see our blog for more details if this Welsh tradition is new to you). You can have it in Welsh or English and personalised with your initials, Mr&Mrs, Mr&Mr or Mrs&Mrs. The Love Spoon is made from our double thickness 6mm plywood, which also makes it perfect for a 5th wedding anniversary! It measures 15cm high and 4.5cm at its widest point.


We also have a limited run of these stunning St Dwynwen's Day cards that we can offer with this lovespoon, designed by the wonderful Natasha at DoodleYou.  Add it to the item if you want to share in the DoodleYou love!

Welsh Love Spoon - St Dwynwen's Day, Valentine's Day or 5th Wedding Anniversary

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