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Winner Winner! Custom Medals, Trophies and Plaques

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

One of the things we most enjoy making here at MooJoo Designs are awards. These can be as simple as your logo engraved on acrylic medals or they can be more complex trophies and plaques.


These medals are made for a Cardiff small business, Panda Warriors. These medals reinforce the branding of the business and help spread the word about their private birthday parties, organising rugby and fun games for youngsters. They are made by laser cutting the business logo onto the colour of choice, in this case: black acrylic.


This lightweight plaque was printed on 9mm birch plywood to allow Mr. Luke Mansfield to present it to St. Julian's Primary School's link school on a visit to them in Uganda. It was decorated with the emblems of both schools, the flags, text and decorative details.


This memorial prize custom plaque was created to replace a previous plaque that was full with no more space for engraving. To honour the previous winners, their names were engraved around the outer edge with plenty of space for the present and forthcoming winners. It is also engraved with text, the school emblem and decorative detail.


If long term is not your goal, then you may prefer these easily recyclable cardboard trophies. They are delivered flat pack for you to put together yourself (or with some helping hands) with a space for your own sticker of your event or business. They come in two designs, one for participation and one for overall winners.


More formal medals for special events can be made in a range of coloured acrylics, with logos and texts as well as 'podium positions'. These medals shown on the left are for a school and could be for a sports day, Eisteddfod or award ceremonies. The medals on the right are for one of the largest and most successful dance schools in the UK. We are also happy to make these for something less formal, such as for hen nights or stag nights.


Logos, text and designs from medals can also be laser cut on to acrylic plaques of varying colours, shapes and sizes, with this one being laser cut onto transparent acrylic. We love the way the clear plaque engraves to a frosted finish.


MooJoo Designs would love to talk with you about the trophies, medals or plaques that we could make for you. These examples can all be varied and personalised with the shapes, colours, materials, text, logos and designs that will make these the perfect custom medals, custom trophies or custom plaques for your school, small business or events.

Contact us at to discuss the possibilities.

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