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Dragon Gifts? Well, We Are Welsh...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

This week I met with a wonderful graphic designer, Mim Gibbs of The Dragon's Cwtch . We met recently at Welsh Ice at a photography workshop, and we have been looking for a way to work together since. Then I spotted this fantasy print on Mim's social media, based on a commissioned Cat Patronus, and I fell in love!

Mim very kindly sent over her digital art for us to trial on some of our slate hearts, and the initial results were amazing. A quick meeting later and the creatures are perfected for laser cutting, a second design is added and we can't wait to get going!

Our slate hearts are ready in time to be a special Valentine's gift for the dragon enthusiast or Welshie of your life, and would also be a perfect addition for your home for St. David's Day and beyond!

This is an exclusive collaboration to put these designs on slate, and I am so excited about it! They are going live very soon. Let us know if you would love to see this digital art on more products, and don't forget to go and see what else Mim has on offer at The Dragon's Cwtch.


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