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5 Cool Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

If you are after ideas for presents for the paternals in your life, then look no further. Here we have for you 6 of the best Father's Day gifts.

As this year is like no other, you can buy this coaster for the man who is 'Rocking The Lockdown'. Whether they are a guitarist or just love some rock'n'roll, this is the perfect gift. The coaster comes in a square or circle, and is made from 6mm thick oak veneer. It is finished with Danish oil and is really great quality!


This next idea is wonderful, as it is not only suitable for fathers, but for all the other hammer lovers in your life. It can be personalised with the name of your choosing, whether it be Dad, Taid, Bampa, Grampy, Tadcu or any other you can think of (mums included). The text reads Being a ..... - Nailed it!! The hammer is great quality and will be a functional gift that will continue to be utilised over the years, allowing them to think of you each time they grab it.


If you are after a more traditional gift, to display memories that you have accrued over the years, then these photo frames are for you. They can have a message added on two sides of the photo frame, and you can choose for them to stand portrait or landscape. MooJoo Designs loves the opportunity to create a Welsh Father's Day gift, so don't be afraid to ask for your message to be in Welsh, or any other language!


For a fun little trinket gift, this 3mm thick hammer is great for the DIY Dad in your life. It's cheap and cheerful, and comes as a smaller key ring or a larger trinket to pop in the tool box, so they will think of you every time they see it there. The best thing is, these hammers can be decorated with pens, pencils or paint to really personalise the gift.


This beautiful product is a long lasting Father's Day card, that you can be confident will last to be displayed proudly for years to come. It is 6mm thick oak veneer and can be personalised with a message and a signature from you to your Daddy. If the sender is of the age to write the message themselves, they can even write that themselves on paper and send it over (a clear photograph/scan from your mobile is fine!) for MooJoo Designs to vectorise and add to the card. It's the perfect way to capture a moment forever.


And finally, why not pair your gift with a special cwtch (or hug, for those who don't speak Wenglish)? These Little Pocket Hugs and Cwtch Bach Neis are easy to send in an envelope and keep in your wallet, purse or on your keyrings. Just in case you are missing out on a cuddle with your favourite person.

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