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Dead Lifts and Fairy Doors?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Whether you are partial to a fairy, a faerie, a fae, we have the fairy door for you. MooJoo Designs may be partially headed up by a 6'6'' strong man, but we have a wide range of fairy doors to represent every occasion through the year, enticing the mystical ones to your garden. They are perfect to decorate yourself and are, of course, even better if you get together with your community to magic up an enchanting fairy trail.

Our love of fairy doors began with a community project, read more about it here. What started as a simple idea has blossomed into a wonderful collection of fairy doors for every occasion. There's no stopping MooJoo Mike's fairy fancies!

We began with our standard fairy doors, a simple door with engraved door sign, step, handle or door knocker, hinges and toadstool.

These are the ones we donated to our locality (in fact this picture has been sent to us fully decorated) and are perfect if you like to use your imagination more and decorate without limitations. There are a huge range of them on our local fairy trail and they have been decorated with paints, sequins, twigs, tin foil and more. It's a fabulous place to gather fairy door ideas!

After this, we were hooked!


They have had a few incarnations since then, these are the packs that we have put together. So far!

This set has been developed to have additional pieces for you to decide on placement. It comes with door beams, a stone archway, hinges, a door sign, door step and a door knocker with additional pieces: a heart, star and flower.

...or St. Dwynwen's Day fairy door if you are Welsh like us. Read more about her here. As well as the basic door, this comes with separate items: stone archway, a heart door knocker, a heart window, door beams, the toadstool and a selection of hearts; all to be placed where you wish and simply attached with some wood glue or pva.

To add to your fairy door at Halloween, we have hinges, a pumpkin, a cat, bat and ghost, a cobweb, door beams, a skull doorknocker, a door sign and the stone archway. MooJoo Mike REALLY got over excited on this beauty, and painted many of the fairy door accessories in UV paint - slide the image to see the effect it had!

This fairy door is OUT OF THIS WORLD! (Yes, we went there) and comes with a pack of stars to really make it shine in your fairy door garden. Watch our example video here to see how we made it into this stunning masterpiece! I love bit of trumpet blowing.


We have a load more fairy door ideas that Mike won't be able to resist making up in the coming months. Make sure you're on our mailing list to see first when we update this blog with the next round of designs to add to your fairy trail. Magic!

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