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Craft Letters For All Your Needs

There are more reasons you might want letters for crafting than there are letters in the alphabet! 26, right? Here are some of our favourites:

Upcycling Projects

These letters were ordered to a specified size to fit perfectly on a project being made for some very important new guests. We were so pleased to see how they looked when the job was completed and to keep an eye on the beautiful darlings that they were bought for.

These letters are made of plywood and are easy to transform with acrylic paints, leftover tester pots of wall paint, pva glue and more. This font and size was chosen by the customer - email if you have a specific request for your craft lettering.


MooJoo Designs have a range of messages that you can order to add to the ribbon of your choice. As an alternative, you could request your own message. All letters come with holes for easy threading and after being decorated in a style of your choosing, can be packed away and used each time the occasion comes back around again.

Personalised Letter Labels

We really love these delicate labels from Etsy to put a luxurious seal of quality on invitations or thank you letters.

They are available in a range of sizes and foil colours, allowing them to match with any wedding colour scheme

Wall Art Monograms

These classic monograms can, again, be decorated with left over paint from when you painted the walls, with a brand new simple tester pot or with acrylics. However, we think these beautiful letters also look amazing bare. They would be lovely on a child's bedroom door or buy a pair as a housewarming gift for a couple who have just moved into their first home together.

Small Businesses

We can help small businesses enhance their branding or to create products of their own choosing. This can be in many different ways, such as through creating a stencil to paint logos on the wall, creating some word art for their premises or items to be used in wonderful creations of their own such as this beautiful display by Best Buds By Samara.


If there are any lettering options that you would like us to make for you, then get in touch through our social media or by emailing

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