What's Your Christmas Eve Tradition?

Christmas with a young family can be tricky. What things do you want to make important as part of your new family traditions? Most of us will want to maintain some of the traditions of our youth, but we must also be sure to do the things that make it feel special for us.

A Christmas Eve box can help you prepare family activities for the day, taking the pressure off getting over excited children through the day. I know mine just can't wait for Christmas Day to get started, but I want to make sure they are occupied, happy and tired come bedtime before the big day.

We love our personalised family box. Our children know that when the Christmas Eve box comes out, they are in for a special day. Ours is large enough to have activities for the whole family to participate in. You can buy it empty for you to fill it with the traditions you already have established or already complete with supplies for Christmas arts and crafts, ready for you to top up with your favourite festive DVD and pyjamas.

The Christmas Eve Activity Pack will contain a number of items perfect for adding an element of hygge to your home. There is stocking bunting for you to decorate and thread onto the lovely hessian style ribbon and a Desk Christmas tree for you to pop out and put together to stand on your table top or bedside table. Your pack will also contain a bauble with the current year, 2019 and the felt pens and glitter glue to decorate them with.

You can buy the Personalised Christmas Eve Box with Activity Pack to work on together as a family, or buy the Personalised Christmas Eve Box with Ultimate Activity Pack to ensure that everyone who wants an item has one each. It even comes with a bonus wooden reindeer to assemble!

As well as the crafts contained in the starter pack, I love to put in a special DVD for us to watch together (I know, I'm showing my age), some cosy new pyjamas and a recipe for us to follow together in the kitchen. It sounds like the recipe for a perfect day! (ahem, excuse the pun).

You can easily decorate your Personalised Christmas Eve box further to make it extra special. We love a bit of washi tape, usually from Tiger to add a beautiful border then we just colour and glue with whatever we have laying around.

We always finish off our day with a walk around the area to look at the Christmas lights and to make sure the children are well and truly ready for their beds. Perfect!

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