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Do You Love a Spooky Halloween Pumpkin?

If you are anything like MooJoo Mike, you don't like to do things by halves. If you're anything like MooJoo Jennie, you can't carve a pumpkin for love nor money. And that's not to mention the year we were too late for pumpkins in our local shop so we had to carve Squashes! It didn't go well... But we love these pumpkin accessories and really think that they will make your pumpkin look amazing, no matter what your talent level.

Where we live, Halloween is a big deal. People bring their children to the houses around us as they know they'll get a Valley's welcome and a great haul of Halloween sweets, glow sticks, masks and more. We also try to make sure that the children in this area don't knock on the doors of those who might not want to participate in constantly answering the door on a cold dark night. So we go by the rule of 'If There's a Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Otherwise, Let Them Be'. But in saying that, our own doorstep display often leaves me feeling like I've not really created the spooky community feel my little ones would love to enjoy.

So we've created this selection of Pumpkin Accessories. This way, you can create your own delightful characters without having to spend hours with YouTube Videos, stencils and surgical tools.

All you have to do is scoop the innards out (gross - EVERY TIME), carve as usual then create as many guide holes as you need for you accessory. We just poked ours with our fruit paring knife - easy job. You can combine as many accessories as you like, and choose the positioning for your axe, unicorn horn (who doesn't love a unicorn horn), vampire wings or choice of devil horns. We think they turned out just beautifully!

Oh and I'll just leave you with the thought of the year we had a party where everybody was asked to bring pumpkin based food.

The cheesecake was the best ever! Our bellies the next morning, well... that was a different matter.


MooJoo Designs also have a Halloween fairy door in their range - check it out here.

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