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Calling All Dragon Fans! These Gifts are for You!

They are here! Our exclusive collaboration with The Dragon's Cwtch is live. My 5 year old son is enthralled by dragons at the moment. He has never been interested in cuddly toys, but he is currently sleeping with Edgar, Zog and this storytelling dragon from Smyths. He's even working from a story of Princess Ffion and a lost dragon in school!

But I know that the fascination with dragons doesn't end when you are young, and many of us love dragons for always! Especially if you happen to be Welsh, with the best flag in the world - the only dragon flag I know of. With that in mind, we proudly present the beginning of our dragon collection.

These are designed by Mim and made by MooJoo Designs. We currently have two designs, one inspired by a commissioned Cat Patronus with a dragon, entitled 'Space Friends' and another, called 'Cariad' of two dragons having a cwtch (that's a warm, loving, wonderful hug for you non-Welshies). My favourite bit of this design is how their little dragon tails intertwine - love it! Cariad is the Welsh word for 'darling', and is an affectionate term for a partner, child or friend - this gift could be for whomever you like!

The hearts come in two different sizes and can each be personalised with a choice of words. In Welsh, you can have 'Cariad' or 'Cartref' and in English you can have the translation 'My Love' or 'Home'. You could also opt for no text if that's your preference.

These dragon hearts could be my favourite product we've made yet, and if you want to see the design with alternate text or on a different product then get in touch with us and we will see what we can do!


To see how this collaboration began, have a look at our other blog here or hear it from Mim's side over at her blog here. Mwynheuwch!

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