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Are you a Great British Home Baker?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

If your household is anything like ours, then #GBBO fever is always present! Even our mini-moojoos are demanding to bake (although I hate to admit today I bought each of them a ready mix cake set from Tesco). They are itching to use their new personalised cake stand!

It won't be long before Mike is brandishing his mixing bowl and donning his Welsh Dragon apron to try to make the shiniest ganache or the most creative meringue garden or toadstools (I kid ye not - this has actually happened). In the past we have gotten over excited and attended very highly organised, themed baking parties - even ending with the bakes getting scored and electing a winner!

Whether you are a go-big-or-go-home culinary master or if you are more of a casual baker, who wouldn't love to present their biscuits, buns or bakewell tarts on a very special bit of kit?


The text on thiecake stand above is perfect for me, as most people wouldn't believe I had baked unless I made the fact VERY clear. You can, however personalise the stand as you wish, and may prefer to have 'Teisen Fi', 'The Davies Bakery' or the name of your family delicacy written on there instead.

In addition, this personalised cake stand can be used as a general turntable if you prefer, and would look wonderful personalised with your business name as a presentation tool for your cake decorating, floral arrangements or clay sculptures.

How would you use yours?

But it needs to be said, cakes are great, but nothing beats pie.

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