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Let Their Personalities Shine with a Personalised Door Sign

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

My children love to pop their names all over the house. We try to make sure they keep their door signs just on their bedroom doors, but my daughter, especially, has managed to make sure they are all over her bedroom (even hanging off drawers and the end of her bed).

My daughter is incredibly creative, and for her, the perfect door sign is one that she can decorate herself. These birch plywood signs are perfect, as they come in a range of designs. They take pen, pencil, paint and glue brilliantly, so your budding artist can take their personalised door sign and personalise it even more!

Each of the designs is available both in the 3mm wood and in a variety of coloured acrylics - details of which are found on the website. The selection of door signs for your children's names include dinosaurs (a Raptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus), a lion, a unicorn, and a shark. They look equally beautiful decorated or left bare and conveniently come with sticky pads you can use to mount them, or you can use your own fixings if you prefer.


If silhouettes are not your thing (or your children's), you may prefer a classic monogram, placed behind your child's name. These are created from thicker 6mm birch plywood, and with the two layers, are significantly thicker than the silhouettes. These can be left bare, or painted with the remains of the paint from your decorating - making sure the colours perfectly much your decor!


Another option if you want to make sure your child's name matches perfectly with the rest of the decor in your room is the 'Lottie' plaque. This one looks as if it will be a little complicated - but I promise it isn't! The plaque arrives for you to assemble at home, but the positioning of each piece is marked out on the piece underneath, so you just place it on top of the matching shape. Simple! As always, the 3mm birch plywood pieces look beautiful bare (don't we all), but will hold the paint left over from your decorating or from cheap B&Q tester pots beautifully. They will easily stick together with the tiniest bit of wood glue. If, however, time doesn't allow for this, you can opt for it to be delivered ready-assembled and painted in the 'Lottie' colours shown.

And just to show how easy it is, my little girl painted and assembled the last one herself! With an added cloud because... well just because.


With a selection of wooden and acrylic personalised door signs in silhouette, monogram or 'Lottie' form, you really can't go wrong! But, of course, you can always contact us with a shape or other idea we haven't yet provided, just like this sign, made especially for the decor of this nursery. We've also recently had requests for garbage trucks (from an American customer). Your wish is our command! Pretty much.

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